The Commercial Protection Guarantee Can Be Used For:

Any commercial project including: Construction projects, building services, security installations and support, office equipment & furniture, pre-paid servicing of any kind. Quite simply the Commercial Protection Guarantee can be used by clients and contractors for any type of work, product or service provided

How It Works

  • You decide what work, product(s) or service is needed, with the security of the Commercial Protection Guarantee.
  • Complete the application / information form. We can provide up to 3 approved contractors to quote for the, works, services or project.
  • You select your preferred contractor.
  • The contractor and you agree a price(s) and accept the agreed terms. This can be by stage payments.
  • The contractor submits the application details online.
  • The Commercial Protection Guarantee approves the application.
  • CPG submits the application details to our secure partner Transpact who provide the HSBC secure account. This process is regulated and registered with HM Revenues and Customs and the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • Both you and the contractor are contacted with details for the transaction. This includes details of the agreement, bank payment details.
  • You and the contractor receive confirmation of the agreed terms which will govern the process, a reference number and payment instruction.
  • You deposits the agreed amount or the first stage payment into the HSBC account.
  • You and the contractor can view the monies held entrust at any time online.
  • The contractor provides the agreed services.
  • When the goods, work or services are completed you make the agreed payment(s) by login into the account and selects the make payment button.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute either the contractor or client can select the arbitration or demand payment button. This will activate the arbitration service.
  • The Commercial Protection Guarantee is Free to clients.
  • For more information please visit our FAQ section.

If you would like to submit an application or request help, click here.


The Commercial Protection Guarantee is a service provided by the commercial divisions of the TNTR Group. Our approved contractors are able to provide clients and customers financial security and protection when placing orders for work, goods or services. The Commercial Protection Guarantee can be used for any product or service regardless of value.

If There Is A Dispute

In the unlikely event of a dispute, we will try to resolve the dispute by mediation. If no agreement is reached you can login and activate the dispute button which we will start our dispute service which will provide binding decision on both parties. No longer do businesses or contractors need to resolve problems by lengthy and expensive legal proceedings.

If There Is A Problem

In the event of a contractor or supplier being unable to complete a job, project or provide the goods for any reason, we will instruct a new contractor or supplier to provide the services, because your money is always safe in the HSBC "Client Account".