Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Construction Connect?
A. Construction Connect who are the commercial division of the Tradesmen Connect. With a combined contractor turnover expected to exceed £200 million this year it makes us uniquely positioned to provide, you and your business access to an unrivalled wealth of trades, services, experience and expertise.

 Q. What services do you provide?
A. We provide companies and organisations help with a wide range of commercial and management services including, facilities management, tender placement, request a quote and free advisory help lines.

Q Are you also involved in domestic work?
A. Yes, Tradesmen Connect also provides services such as, insurance claims management, building services from a leaking tap to kitchen fitting , bathroom fitting, refurbishment projects to loft extensions and building extensions and free assistance in helping consumers find local and approved trade services.

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Q. What is the Home Improvement Guarantee?

A. The HIG provides financial security to both the client and contractor. It can be used by contractors or requested by clients for any service, goods or project.

Q. Where is the money held?

A. Any money you entrust is held in a HSBC Client Account. Transactions are processed by our secure partner Transpact. This process is regulated and registered with HM Revenues and Customs and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) formerly the Financial Services Authority (FSA)

Q. Can i make stage payments?

A. Yes

Q. When does the contractor get paid?

A. When the work, project, services or goods have been supplied or completed as agreed.

Q. What happens if i am not happy with the services provided?

A. The protection the HIG provides to clients is that no payment is made untill you are happy with the services provided. If for any reason you are not happy HIG will mediate with the contractor to ensure the services meet with the standard and specification that you agreed at the start.

Q. What is feedback?

 A. Quite simply, feedback is an evaluation of our contractors work or service carried out. Users can read previous feedback comments, view videos or photo’s of previous jobs and services. More importantly, clients can add to a contractors reputation and bring accountability to their services by posting feedback when the work or service is completed.

Q. Can anyone give feedback?

A. Yes, our contractors actively promote the use of feedback to both users of the web site and any potential new clients.

Q. I am a main contractor looking for sub contractors can you help?
A. Yes, Just call our help line 01375 489740, our advisers will be happy to put you into contact with local contractors and sub contractors.

Q. I just need an electrician to do some work in our office are your contractors qualified to do commercial work?
A. Yes, all Construction Connect trades and services are qualified for commercial work, many offer consumer services as well.

Q. Am I invoiced by Construction Connect?
A. No, you deal directly with our contractors.

Q. When I place a tender how soon is it sent out to contractors?
A. Once we have all your information tenders are uploaded and posted for our contractors to see and respond to within 24 hours.

Q. Are tender responses from contractors all over the country?
A. Yes if you wish or you can choose to have responses from just regions or local if required.

Q How quickly can I expect a response when I ask for a quote?
A. Requests for quotes are dealt with as soon as we receive them, you should have a response normally on the same day or within 24-48 hours.

Q What is competitive tendering?
A. It is the process of selecting a preferred supplier/contractor from a range of potential suppliers by seeking offers/tenders and evaluating these on the basis of one or more selection criteria. If you would like a free copy of our competitive tendering guidance for buyers, send an email or call any of our help lines.


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Feedback & Testimonials

A key service provided by Construction Connect is the facility for customers and future clients to review our approved contractors feedback and testimonials. You can read past and recently received testimonials, view images or videos of the contractors work or service, More